J&J Farm - Jeremy, Jodi, and Molly Peake

1923 Northline Rd., Waukon

Jeremy, Jodi, and Molly Peake operate an organic pasture-based dairy farm west of Waukon, selling milk to Organic Valley.  They milk about 30 mostly Jersey cows on their 100 acre farm.  The Peakes also help out with Peake Orchard, which is located on the same farm.
They will once again offer pasture raised chickens for GROWN Locally.  The chickens are raised in portable open bottom pens and moved twice daily to fresh pasture.  The chickens enjoy eating the grass and bugs and are also fed a corn based ration.  They are fed no antibiotics or hormones.  The chickens are processed commerciually for institutional sales. 
This will be the 5th year the Peakes will be marketing pork.  The hogs are raised outdoors in bedded pens and fed a ration with no antibiotics, no hormones, and no animal byproducts.  The sows are farrowed in bedded pens, never in crates or on slatted floors.  Pork will be available by the piece, or as a half or whole hog.  Pork will also be included in the Meat Variety Share and the mixed Meat Sampler Boxes offered through Annie's Gardens CSA .