Klauke Family Farm

911 Bear Creek Drive, Dorchester

Mary Klauke, Allen Vang & Theresa Klauke

Cradled in a valley 3 miles south of Dorchester, Iowa, Klauke Family Farm is 180 acres of cropland, nearly vertical pastures and forests, and the stream-beds of Bear Creek and the Upper Iowa River. Established in 1981 by Mary and the late Don Klauke, and now with the addition of Allen Vang, & Therese (Klauke) Vang, we at KFF are proud to have farmed organically for over 25 years. In the past, we have grown fruits & vegetables, cut flowers, perennials, and baked goods for several farmers' markets in the area. We have also grown green beans, peas, and sweet corn, as well as thousands of broccoli, cauilflower, and cabbage transplants for SnoPac Foods in Caledonia, Minnesota.

We currently grow tomatoes, asparagus, and rhubarb, and also raise sheep and beef cattle. We have a large greenhouse for early planting and we are working to add heat so we would be able to utilize the greenhouse year round. We also plan to expand our rhubarb patch and we are excited to try other vegetable and fruit production in the coming years.