Rockytopp Farm - Teresa & Al Steiber - Eggs

1902 Village Creek Road, Lansing, Iowa

Hi, my family and I welcome you to Grown Locally. We have provided you with eggs since August of last year and are happy to be able to do it again this year. My name is Terisa Steiber and I reside on a 29- acre farm outside of Lansing Iowa on Village Creek with my family. Our farm consists of rocks and rattlesnakes, thus the name Rockytopp. We all have outside jobs besides our farm chores. I work at Gruber Ridge Farms in rural Lansing where we raise baby pigs from farrow to wean age. I am also an EMT for Lansing.  Alan works in Lansing for Alliant Energy. Luke works for Gencor in Marquette. Where do I start with Rockytopp. Well we have a llama, a pygmy goat, a red/gray fox, 2 peacocks a few guinea fowl several barn cats and a few roaming show roosters left over from 4-H show days. We raise Quarter Horses, Paints and Red & Blue Heelers. I train a few horses on the side as well as give riding lessons. We enjoy camping with our horses and family every year and an occasional jaunt on the river or in the 56 Ford. When it comes to chores my parents Gary & Deloris Winters help out a lot and we would have a hard time without them. We have 200 laying hens with the intent to have at least 350 by summer. We have Black Cochins, Rhode Island Reds, Bohemian Browns, Leghorns and a few Bantams. We also plan on raising a few butcher chickens this year. We free range out chickens in pastures during the day and coop them at night to avoid coyote problems. They are supplemented with chemical free layer, oyster shells, cracked corn and grit. The ladies lay a variety of colors and with the exception of the pullets and bantams they are relatively large eggs. As if that is not enough to keep us busy we are involved with an exotic bird rescue as well as a cat rescue. We have 3 large parrots and a few small birds of our own with rescue birds revolving and thrown on top. We all keep very busy but enjoy hard work and each other so it is well worth it. We look forward to another busy year providing you with farm fresh free- range eggs. Stop in some afternoon or evening and visit us if you are ever in the area. We always have fresh eggs on hand and nice conversation. We are located at 1902 Village Creek Drive a short drive from Bob Raymond’s Farm Market stand. If you are lucky you just may see Bob, Paul Young and I holding our annual great chicken roundup complete with lariats, Mikey the Heeler, horses and a campfire.