Heathered Ridge Farms - Rita Burke and Lowell Lyngaas

Clermont / Elgin area

Rita, Grant, Anna, and Maya Burke and Lowell Lyngaas garden on the hills around the Turkey River watershed. Rita has been selling for many years at the local farmers market and Lowell has been farming the same land that has been in his family for over a hundred years, since childhood. Working together and expanding production, the Burke’s and Lowell are now selling for Grown Locally. Recently they put up a high tunnel green house in order to have fresh vegetables earlier and later in the season.

Planting and nurturing veggies that are fresh and healthy is a source of endless enjoyment for Rita and Lowell. Grant and Anna are delighted to have time after their sports to help out and Maya will use any excuse to be out with the chickens, sheep, and cows that also call Shining Hill home. Fitness is also important to all of them. Lowell is the cross country and girls track coach at Valley Community, making the health of the young of the community even more important.

The Burke’s and Lowell are excited to be helping our community by make more local food available. They look forward to helping more people have an active and healthy life.