Top of the Hollow - Merle & Cindy Steines

Hello from ‘Top of the Hollow Farm’!
We are Merle & Cindy Steines and greet you from 2700 Happy Hollow Rd , Decorah.  We are about 5 miles west of Decorah and 1.5 miles north of Hwy #9.  Our farm is 80 acres with about half in timber and the remaining in crop land, permanent pasture, barnyard, and house yard. We have owned and operated ‘Top of the Hollow’ since 1976. Ten Mile Creek, (Walnut Creek to the locals) meanders through a corner of the farm and provides for a wide diversity of wildlife and habitat.  Deer, turkey, raccoon, coyote, rabbit, squirrel, fox, birds a plenty (bald eagles regularly) are some of the wildlife we have around us to enjoy.

We also enjoy the work that we do at our farm.  Our farm is 100% certified organic in both crops and livestock.  The commercial goat dairy is the hub of what we do because we’ve been doing it the longest, 26 years. A small flock of chickens can be found roaming the farm, and periodically a pig or steer might be sighted.  The row crops we grow( corn, soybeans, oats) and hay production are fitted for animal use rather than cash grain.

We’ve been producers for Grown Locally since its creation. Growing vegetables (primarily potatoes) has put the last piece of the puzzle in place for ‘Top of the Hollow Farm’.  This mix of growing and tending in our little spot of the world seems to be just right for us.  Now, we hope to make acquiring the products and goods that Grown Locally has to offer ‘just right’ for you too.