Food Safety

We take Food Safety Seriously

  • All of our produce is double washed and sanitized when appropriate using food grade sanitizers, according to the Grower's Manual: A Template for Grower Cooperatives that GROWN Locally helped to write with the Leopold Center.  Produce is packaged in new plastic bags and sanitized boxes and kept at the appropriate temperature until delivery.
  • Our meat and poultry products are locally processed and USDA inspected. They are stored and kept frozen until delivery.
  • Our eggs are from free range hens and our egg producers are licensed egg handlers.
  • In general, our producers follow the Good Agricultural Production Practices (GAPS) outlined in the ISU publication PM 2045, and have participated in food safety and post harvest handling training courses.
  • We internally audit every farm each year for food safety compliance.
  • Our cooperative is third party audited by Primus and carry $5 million in liability insurance.

To date GROWN Locally has never had a problem with food contaminants, and we work hard to keep it that way. If you ever have a concern over the quality or safety of any of our products, contact us right away. We want to make certain you are receiving the very best products we can offer.

Checklist for retail Purchasing of Local Produce (ISU Extension Pub. 2046A)