GROWN Locally (Goods Raised Only With Nature)

GROWN Locally is a cooperative of small, local farms in Northeast Iowa dedicated to providing fresh, high quality foods to local food service institutions.


  • One-Stop Shopping.  Just contact our coordinator to access the products of over 30 producers.
  • Contacting us is easy.
  • Receiving your food is easy. We deliver weekly to your door throughout the growing season.


  • We take pride in producing and delivering great tasting, high quality, freshly harvested, safe, locally produced food.
  • Each Product is produced, handled, cleaned, stored and delivered using methods to preserve its best taste, texture, character and quality.


  • We are a cooperative of 30 local member farms.  With access to our member's products and other local producers that we work with, we can bring you a wide variety of locally produced food.
  • We are happy to deliver within a 6 county region in Northeast Iowa, Southeast Minnesota and parts of Western Wisconsin.
  • Choosing locally produced foods allows you to directly support the local economy and help local producers diversify and strengthen their farms.