Farms & Producers

Member Producers
  • Andon Acres in Maynard; Vegetables
  • Andy Kauffman in Elgin; Vegetables
  • Cedar Ridge Farm in Elgin; Vegetables
  • Dana Martin in Charles City; Vegetables
  • Ecko Gardens in West Union; Greenhouse Peppers
  • G It's Fresh in Calmar; Certified Organic Vegetables
  • Heathered Ridge Farm in Elgin/Clermont;  Vegetables
  • J & J Farm in Waukon; Asparagus and Chickens
  • Jacob Stoltzfus in Mt. Hope, WI; Vegetables
  • Joe Mast in Canton, MN; Vegetables
  • Jon Lubke in Cresco; Corn and Potatoes
  • Klauke Family Farm in Dorchester; Vegetables
  • Kymar Acres in Decorah;  Eggs, Herbs and Flowers
  • Levi Miller in Mt. Hope, WI; Vegetables
  • Loyd Nolt in Charles City; Vegetables
  • Mike and Laurie Tallman in Castalia; Heirloom Vegetables and Turkeys
  • Mikey's Veggies in Waukon; Vegetables
  • Opportunity Center in Prairie du Chien, WI; Cherry Tomatoes and Salad Greens
  • Peake Orchards in Waukon;  Apples
  • Prairieview Vineyard in Decorah; Grapes
  • Ridgetop Acres in Decorah; Hormone Free Beef and Chicken
  • Rockytopp Farm in Lansing;  Eggs and Quail Eggs
  • Tir na n'Og in Farmersburg; Asparagus and Vegetables
  • Top of the Hollow in Decorah; Certified Organic Vegetables
Broker Producers
  • Glen Yost in West Union; Greenhouse Tomatoes
  • J & J Produce in Hawkeye; Greenhouse Cherry and Grape Tomatoes
  • Rolling Hills Greenhouse in West Union; Salad Mix, Lettuce Mix, and Herbs